1987 Prevost Williams Coach LaMirage XL
27 Jul 2016

1987 Prevost Williams Coach LaMirage XL

Located in Wisconsin, near Madison, Cedar Rapids and Chicago this 1987 Prevost Williams Coach LaMirage XL is in excellent condition.

With only 113,000 original documented miles this Prevost is a “new” bus and it’s price is not in the millions. The bus rides smooth and quiet, no wind noise just the hum of the Detroit Diesel pushing you down the road. Even though it is 40′ long, it is very easy to drive. You of course need to turn corners properly. It is very much like a fifth wheel, big but maneuverable once you’ve had some practice. The engine and generator compartments have a fire suppression system and the tires have “Tire Minders” which monitor the tire pressure and temperature. This is a safe bus. Up front seating is Flex steel and the passenger seat reclines electrically and rotates to the rear when stopped. This bus will travel further between stops than you can. It has two fuel tanks and is fully self-contained. The generator and/or inverter provides the power for this all electric bus. The plumbing is set up so that the gray water can be easily dumped. While is does not have a slide out, the interior arrangement is very open. With all the coach windows remaining in the front half, when the shades are up the outside comes in and there is no feeling of being closed in. This is an awesome bus that is being sold for reasons of health.
In 2007, new front and rear stainless steel bumpers were added, headlights were upgraded, markers, stop tail and directional lights were upgraded to LED”s. The driver and passenger seats are Ultra leather, passenger seat has power foot rest, dash loaded with monitoring complete with engine, generator, suspension monitoring gauges (think airplane), color rear camera which can be turned on at any time.

The interior has an air locked entry door, Corian counter and table tops with blue accent carpet, lighted pantry and wardrobes and mood lighting hidden above the windows. In the front of the coach is a Flex steel couch/bed along with a recliner and ottoman. A two person table and two chairs are adjacent to the galley. The galley has a full sink, hot water dispenser, two burner electric stove, and microwave/convection oven. You will find two single beds in the rear. There is room to replace the singles with a queen turned across the width of the coach. (Not all decorative furnishings in the pictures come with the coach.)There is a large bath with surface mounted basin and a generous shower. Pleated day/night shades cover each window. Flooring is laminate with Fatmax insulation throughout.

Monitored heated bays (2) contain a 105 gallon fresh water tank, 85 gallon gray and 85 gallon black water tank. Seland marine macerator pump system through lawn hose and the usual valve and RV hose for use at campground dump station. After draining the tanks a valve will drain all water, by gravity from the water lines. The carpeted front bay is wide open for storage and the second bay, with the exception of a second fuel tank is also open and carpeted as well.

There is a large awning stretching between the front and back wheels. A small awning opens above the entry. Docking lights help back-up into a campsite in the dark. This is an all-electric bus, no propane appliances or tanks to fill. A 3,000 watt trace inverter/charger (24 volts to 120 volts) powers the front A/C (new in 2015), ice maker, the front TV (amplified external antenna), and 5.1 stereo surround system and a 120 volt outlet in the front of the bus. The 12 volt house batteries power the all LED interior lighting with separate dimmers, separate AC/DC marine breaker panels with volt/amp meters and breakers to protect each circuit. The covered front and rear ceiling vents (Fantastic), and a large home style refrigerator with a separate freezer section is also 12 volt powered. You need not be parked level for the refrigerator/freezer to cool effectively. An Aqua Hot three zone diesel boiler with separate zone thermostats provides the heat and feeds dash defrosters. The boiler and fan are both 12 volt powered. Hot water is provided by a marine water heater using 120 volt shore power. There are six no maintenance batteries (two in 2014 and four in 2016) to start the engine and run the Trace inverter. Three house batteries, gel like with no maintenance, provide the 12 volt electrical needs. A charger, hooked to shore power, keeps the house batteries charged while a second alternator maintains the starting and inverter battery bank. These batteries were installed in January, 2014.

The front steering tires are NEW in 2015, while the rear duals were installed in 2012. The rear tag axle tires are about 80 %. A spare tire, no wheel, is located behind the front bumper. The coach has air suspension and a very smooth ride. The wheels have balancers attached and never need balancing. Black vinyl covers for the tires come with the bus. Each year a tire dressing that protects the tires was applied. The steering is tight and the coach goes straight down the road. It is almost car like. You will not be disappointed. All of the air bags have been replaced since 2012. The suspension also has a leveling feature that allows you to let air out of any of the four airbags to level the bus, if you wish.

Do you remember all of the, primarily tour buses, that have made the news recently with engine fires? You are very safe if that happens because the engine room and generator bay are protected by an automatic fire suppression system. And should the engine start to overheat, especially with a toad behind you, there is a radiator spray that the driver can activate to cool things down. Tire blowouts have also been in the news. This coach has “Tire Minders” on all wheels. The tire temperature and pressure are transmitted to a small monitor in the driver’s area viewable and also with warning alarms. The engine is an 8V92 Turbo Detroit Diesel with Jacobs bake and an Allison five speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The engine was rebuilt in 2011 due to effects of overheating towing up a large grade. A 15kw Martin diesel generator with turbo wired for 240 volts is mounted on a slide out for easy maintenance. Overhauled in 2012 the generator is located in one of the bays under the bus. The generator sits on rubber cushions to dampen vibration with insulation to reduce the sound. This is a powerful unit with only 169.5 hours, and it will run all three of the Penguin A/C units and everything electrical, when traveling or dry camping.

There are some minor items that you may choose to have repaired:

1. There is a broken valve on the air tank that feeds air to the fire suppression system.

2. A few of the side marker lights that run down the side of the bus are not all the working. The LED’s were installed in 2013. There is likely corrosion at the connections from water infiltration.

3. There is a minor dent, a beginner’s mistake, in the stainless panel after the passenger side tag axle. Included is a replacement panel from Prevost with the rivets to install it. It may not even bother you but you will have the panel. For sale are two replacement panels for two lower bay doors and also one upper bay door,  if the buyer would like them. At the last oil change the mechanic said “as many times as I have been under this bus I never noticed that you have some missing shock absorbers.”  The missing shocks from Prevost  and the fasteners come with the coach. The ride will be even smoother when they are installed!

As far as getting parts for the coach, Prevost is just a phone call away. Headquarters is in Chicago, IL and they have parts and service facilities around the country. If they don’t have it they make it as in the panel mentioned in #3 above. The coach has been to a local charter bus company for repair and a local RV shop for the RV components in the bus. You do not need a CDL to drive the coach. The factory manuals, spare paint, an owner’s manual  made from a video with Williams Bus (which comes with the coach) are included and will help orient with the mechanicals in the bus bays, engine compartment, and interior of the coach.

The owner is very fussy, and takes care of the coach as you have read above. He has been maintaining the coach for long term ownership and has the repair invoices. This coach has no problems or issues and is as  described.  Come on a Greyhound or fly in, and drive it home. It is that good! You will have a wonderful trouble free trip home.




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