TRC 34750-003 50 Amp RV Surge Guard
8 Aug 2013

TRC 34750-003 50 Amp RV Surge Guard

Product: TRC 34750-003 Auto 50 Amp

Price: $399.80
Size: 50 amp
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My Rating: 9 out of 10

TRC 34750-003 Auto 50 Amp,

Product Overview

50A Portable Model 34750 with LCD Display Rated 120/240V, 50A – 3850 Joules – 6/4 AWG Cord Just introduced to the market in January 2012, the new 50 Amp RV Surge Guard portable with LCD display also offers more than twice the joules of power surge protection than the previous model. Continuously monitors for voltage and amp draw and reverse polarity (miswired pedestal, elevated ground voltage). Compact and easy to use, they plug in between the power pedestal and the line cord to provide protection. Designed for all travel trailers, 5th wheels and motorhomes with 50 Amp service. Protects RV from faulty park power Built-in intelligence Automatic reset on power restoration Shuts off power when the following is present: Open neutral Low (<102V) and High (>132V) Voltage LCD display (English) Multi-mode surge suppression 128 second reset delay protects A/C compressor Continuously monitors for: Voltage and amp draw (RMS) Reverse polarity (miswired pedestal, elevated ground voltage) 3850 Joules of power surge protection Convenient plug disconnect handles Weather resistant
It’s a little pricey, but worth it



Think about all the appliances and electronics that would have to be replaced, and the cost involved should you encounter a power surge or misfired pedestal in a campground

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